As an owner, have you ever had key management problems? That at the last moment, you have to wait for your customers to arrive or leave. That you have to make yourself available despite last-minute changes like a late plane. A simple handing over of the key can quickly exceed the planned time.

We make it easy for you to access your hosting in complete security with our partner Igloohome. Their innovative solutions make it possible to simplify and automate key delivery. You can manage check in and check out, from any hosting, via a mobile application and a 100% secure system. Whether you are a host, hotelier, owner of a campsite, you will save time and money while increasing the safety of your property.

What if, in addition to providing your customers with unforgettable experiences, thanks to our application, you add innovative and secure value to your hosting?

Their intelligent products, the Keybox, Deadbolt and Mortise lock, could simplify your daily life. You can issue accesses on the Igloohome application according to your needs: the status of the person (travellers, cleaning lady,…) and the time of the access validation (temporary, permanent). And for those who rent their accommodation on Airbnb and/or Booking platforms, just synchronize your account with Igloohome products to automate your bookings. This solution is completely secure: it generates a unique PIN code for each tenant and sends it to them on time. Thus, when he arrives, the customer unlocks the door or key box with this code valid for the duration of his stay.

These solutions do not require a WI-FI connection to operate, so you do not have to worry about hacking or network failure. As a result, they can be used in places without a network (cellars, mountains, etc.) or for foreign travellers who do not have an international mobile package. In addition, security systems are in place: decoy pin code, sabotage alarm, automatic locking after 5 false codes… Nothing beats a customer soothingly enjoying the activities recommended to you in complete peace of mind.

This solution has already attracted 600,000 users worldwide. Why not you?