In recent years, the hotel industry has evolved to focus on customer experience.

Indeed the traveller wants to discover the city and its good addresses and avoid being caught by tourists and who better than his host to advise him!

If we love your city we will love your establishment.

Interest in the quality of services and information has increased fivefold in recent years.

The role of a host is no longer limited to handing over the keys but to understand and adapt to his customer who wants to live experiences and know what activities to do around his accommodation, in which restaurant to eat nearby, in which park to take a walk.

It is now possible to offer it thanks to digital tools: PMS, Chat, Guide and especially E-Conciergerie.

E-Concierge allows you to customize recommendations while automating the task.

On several hotels in the same city, each one recommends different restaurants, activities and places to visit.

Each host has its own history, its own culture and therefore its own customers.

Travellers want authenticity, personalization and features that match the demand of their travel experiences.